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Wuanita LaRusso
Vice President, CCIM

Born and raised in Colorado, Wuanita has witnessed the tremendous change and phenomenal growth that continues to evolve in the Denver Metro area. Learning her trade in residential real estate,

Travis Wanger
Sr. Vice President, Principal

Fun Fact: Coached high school baseball for 10 years.

Tanner Fanello

Tanner Fanello brings more than 15 years of experience in management, sales leadership and business development to his role. He attributes his success to always striving to exceed his client’s

Steve Peters
Broker Associate

Steve loves to identify unique investment opportunities for his clients and has a rare knack for bringing people and deals together quickly.

Paul Roberts
Sr. Vice President, Principal

Fun Fact
I’m also a French-speaking ski instructor from Montreal.

Mike Haley
Sr. Vice President, Principal

Fun FactI’m a descendant of an American Revolutionary War General.

John E. Fuller
Chairman and Founder

Fun Fact
I’ve been a private pilot for over 40 years.

Michele Marshall
Transaction Coordinator & Broker Assistant

Michele has been a managing real estate transactions for more than 8 years.

Mark Fouts
Sr. Vice President

Fun Fact
I came to Colorado to ski many years ago and stayed to attend DU. I use my double major in real estate & physiology every day.

John Fuller, Jr

Fun Fact
I once had lunch with a personal hero: famous Air Force test pilot, Chuck Yeager.